About me

I'm junior 3d artist, currently looking for work. I have contributed to several projects and mods. My experience on these projects involves teamwork, planning, good communication with both programmers and artists and the use of SCRUM.

My hobbies involve scale modeling (1:87 model trains), 3d modeling, cycling and reading. In my spare time I enjoy modelling aswell and I have worked on the following projects: - The TF2 vehicle emporium contest: My first modelling contest entry that I worked on in my spare time. - Train fever USA DLC (free): I have made the pcc-a7, a tram from the 1950's that drove around toronto. - Several cities skylines mods: some buildings but mostly vehicles including the iconic dutch VIRM doubledecker train. - Several models for the Portal 2 mod 'Desolation': Static props including the Aperture truck, Locomotive, security camera and many more.